Banded Step Out Squat

The banded step out squat is a good way to work your entire lower body in a confined space.  You don't need much space or equipment for this great exercise.

Banded Step Out Squat

Primary Muscles Used

Banded Step Out Squat Muscles Used

Banded Step Out Squat Instructions

  • Put a mini exercise band around your legs, just above the knee.
  1. Step your leg out laterally to one side, stretching the band.
  2. As that leg hits the ground, squat down with both legs so your knees are bent at 90°.
  3. Stand back up and back to the center.
  4. Step the other way and repeat.
Exercise Band Step Out Squat Demonstration

Tim's list of benefits for the Banded Step Out Squat

  • Its a great way to warm up your lower body.
  • Banded step out squats really help build balance in your abductors.

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