Chair Stabilized Split Squat

Split squats are my very favorite lower body exercise, and using a chair to stabilize yourself is a great way to perform this exercise if you are a beginner.

Chair Stabilized Split Squat

Primary Muscles Used

Chair Stabilized Split Squat Muscles Used

Chair Stabilized Split Squat Instructions

  • Use a chair that you can firmly hold onto from one side.
  1. Stand to the side of the chair and grab it firmly with one hand.
  2. Tighten your stomach and lean your torso forward slightly.
  3. Slowly bring your front knee directly down to the ground, pushing your butt back as you go down.
    1. Make sure your front knee is not moving forward.
  4. Just before your knee touches the ground, pause.
  5. Return back up, trying to push with your front leg mostly.
    1. You should feel your glute working.
  6. When you get to the top, repeat.

*If you need extra support, put a chair on both sides of you.

Chair Stabilized Split Squat Demonstration

Tim's list of benefits for the Chair Stabilized Split Squat

  • Split squats are the best lower body exercise there is.  It works every part of your lower body.
  • As you are standing up on one leg, despite holding onto the chair, this requires a lot of balance, working stabilizers and bettering your own balance.
  • As you are doing each leg separately you are developing balance, training each leg one at a time making sure they develop at the same pace.
  • Using the chair will help beginners start to really develop their lower body.

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