Decline Chest Press

The decline chest press is used to stimulate the chest muscles differently than flat or incline movements for even better results. Incorporate this move into your upper body strength training routine to build a stronger chest.

Decline Press with Exercise Bands

Primary Muscles Used

Decline Chest Press Muscles Used

Decline Chest Press Instructions

  • Anchor your exercise band slightly higher than head height.
  • Stand in front of the exercise band anchor facing away from the anchor.
  • Grab the exercise band handles in each hand and step forward to increase the tension the bands.
  1. Start with your arms straight and hands below your chest out in front of you.
  2. Slowly bring your hands back towards your shoulders, keeping the exercise band just above your forearm.
  3. When your hands are close to your shoulders pause.
  4. Press your hands forward, down, and together.
  5. When your arms are straight, squeeze your chest.
  6. Repeat.
Exercise Band Decline Press

Tim's list of benefits for the Decline Chest Press

  • By standing during the decline chest press you are using a great number of stabilizer muscles.
  • The decline press works the chest, particularly the lower pectoralis muscle. And it does so more than presses performed at inclined angles. This makes it beneficial to lifters trying to increase overall press and chest development.
  • Varying the angle of your press can also change the amount of stress placed on the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Therefore, the decline press can be a great alternative for people who find that a flat or incline press causes too much discomfort on these joints.

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