Exercise Band Chest Press

The exercise band chest press is a great exercise for chest development, but there is one annoying thing that happens if you don't have your hands lined up just right.  If when you push the bands forward, your hands are even or below your shoulders, the bands can roll up the shoulders and smack you in the ear.  So when you line up make sure your hands are slightly above your shoulders and the exercise band will smoothly go just above your shoulders, no smacking needed.

Band Chest Press

Primary Muscles Used

Standing chest press Muscles Used

Exercise Band Chest Press Instructions

  • Anchor the exercise band at shoulder to neck height.
  1. Grab a handle in each hand facing away from the anchor point.
  2. While keeping your hands in front of you, walk away from the anchor point to increase the tension in the bands.
  3. While keeping your hands at shoulder height slowly press the exercise band forward, making sure the band goes just above your shoulders.
  4. When your arms are fully extended, bring your hands together and squeeze your chest and pause.
  5. Slowly bring your hands back, keeping them slightly wider than shoulder width.
  6. When your hands are even with your chest, pause and repeat.
Abs, Glutes, Quads

Tim's list of benefits for the Exercise Band Chest Press

  • By standing during the exercise band chest press you are using a great number of stabilizer muscles to keep yourself straight and upright.
  • The chest press is a great exercise for upper body and chest development.
  • As you are pressing forward you are increasing the tension on your abdominals, thus statically working your abs.
  • You can bring an exercise band just about anywhere to perform this exercise.
  • If you are training with a partner, they can hold the anchor point and even do a row at the same time.

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