Single Arm Twisting Row

The single arm twisting row is a great functional exercise.  This movement will help you in all aspects of life, but it is one of the most important for anyone who plays golf, tennis, or baseball.  This exercise is the easiest one to feel your glute stabilizing and driving the movement.  Master this exercise and your athletic career will improve drastically.

Core Stabilized Row

Primary Muscles Used

Single Arm Rotational Row Muscles Used

Single Arm Twisting Row Instructions

  • Anchor the exercise band about chest high.
  1. Grab one exercise band handle and step back away from the anchor, the farther you step away and stretch the exercise band the harder the exercise will be.
  2. Stand up straight, tighten your core, bend your knees slightly, and let your arm stretch out towards the anchor.
  3. Bend forward slightly.
  4. Begin by rotating your hips slightly to the side in which you hold the exercise band, driving your hips by using the glutes.
  5. Then quickly tighten your abs to continue pulling the band in the same direction.
  6. And pull your arm back as well, so you are rotating your entire body in the same direction.
  7. Slowly return to the starting position.
  8. Repeat.
  9. Perform again on the other side.
Single Arm Twisting Row

Tim's list of benefits for the Single Arm Twisting Row

  • The single arm twisting row is one of the greatest exercises for learning how to drive and stabilize your body with your glutes.
  • This exercise is a great full body functional exercise.
  • Mastering this exercise will make you a better athlete.
  • The rotation in this exercise helps create transition points in your body, performing this exercise will help you become stronger with much better balance.
  • Exercise bands allow you to perform this exercise anywhere.

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