Underhand High Row with Exercise Bands

The underhand high row is a great exercise for hitting the lower lats.  The lower lats are the hardest part of the latissimus dorsi to target, and I feel that you need to develop your whole body evenly.  Without a strong base, it is difficult to get perfect posture, and this exercise helps build a strong base.

Underhand High Row

Primary Muscles Used

Underhand High Row Muscles Used

Underhand High Row with Exercise Bands Instructions

  • Anchor the exercise bands to a point higher than head level.
  1. Grab the handles and step back away from the anchor position. The farther you step away from the anchor, the more challenging the exercise will be.
  2. Kneel down on one knee facing the anchor point, and tighten your glutes, focusing on the leg that is up.
  3. Position your arms at your side with an underhand grip.
  4. Slowly let the bands pull your arms up and out towards the anchor point.
  5. After you have a good stretch, pull your arms back.  Pull your elbows down and back using your back to perform the exercise.
  6. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pause.
  7. Slowly return to the starting position.
  8. Repeat.
Underhand Back Row

Tim's list of benefits for the Underhand High Row with Exercise Bands

  • This exercise creates an awesome base for the rest of your upper back.  Strengthening your lower lats creates the foundation in which your upper back rests on.
  • By kneeling on one knee and tightening your glute you really work on using glutes as stabilizers and this stabilization will help you in every day activities.
  • Exercise bands can be used almost anywhere.
  • Any exercise strengthening your upper back will help improve your posture.
  • Since this exercise uses your lower back as a stabilizer, it will decrease lower back pain.

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