12 Week Workout Program

12 week home workout program

The 12 week workout program was created for the individual who is well versed in the gym already but is looking for that extra boost to their program.

Just as with our other programs, after you sign up you will be taken to our intake form, when you fill it out, Tim will set up a time to speak with you directly.  During your consultation Tim will get a feel for your needs, after that he will create a custom program built just for you.

When you recieve your program you will have a 12 week periodized program that takes you from where you are and gets you to the next level.

The 12 week workout program:

  • Will be built around your schedule.
  • Will be customized specifically for you.
  • Focuses on exercises that will benefit you the most.
  • Is created based on your location - local gym, at home, outdoors
  • Will be 12 weeks in length.
  • Will follow the principles of exercise programming.
  • Will help you achieve your goals.

The 12 week workout program will be built according to your skill level and current ability.  This is important because:

  • It helps us decide how many days per week you should train.
  • It helps us decide how long your sessions should  be.
  • It allows us to figure out how much time you should take between sets.
  • It lets us figure out how many days per week you should rest.
  • It allows us to decide what exercises you should perform.
  • We can decide how quickly you should progress.
  • We can figure out how the intensity of your workouts progress.

With our 12 week exercise program you can expect to get one or more of the following results:

  • Increase in strength.
  • Decrease in body fat.
  • Increase in muscular endurance.
  • Increased cardiovascular endurance.
  • Sports specific improvement.
  • Improved overall fitness.
  • Increased speed in biking, running, paddling, etc.
  • Increased lean body mass.

The 12 week workout program will get you to the next level of your fitness and break you through any plateaus you may be have.  Sign up today and take your fitness to the next level.

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$200 for 12 weeks