5 Tips To Drinking More Water

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5 Tips To Drinking More Water

So, you’ve decided that you would like to take advantage of the benefits that water has to offer, but drinking more water on a daily basis may be a difficult step in the beginning.

After all, until drinking water becomes part of your daily routine, it will still be a task.

Here are some steps that may help you increase your water drinking habit.

First: How Much Water Should You Drink?

That is a debatable question. While most doctors still recommend eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day, I recommend much more. Due to my own size and exercise regimen I drink 3 gallons of water per day.

Your individual water intake will depend on how active you are, your weight, even the climate in which you live. I recommend you drink a glass of water when you wake up, with each meal, and hourly between meals.

The key is not to let yourself feel thirsty, because as soon as you feel thirsty, dehydration has already begun to set in.

Tip One: Carry A Water Bottle

Whether it be a Tervis Tumbler or a Kleen Kanteen, if you are carrying around a water bottle you are more likely to drink from it. Try and make it something that is always with you, just like your purse or wallet.

Tip Two: Set A Reminder

During a busy day it is very easy to forget to eat and drink completely. Set your phone to remind you every hour; this simple reminder will make drinking more water an easier task.

Tip Three: Make Water Your Drink Of Choice

The next time you would normally order a soda or an alcoholic beverage, try an ice cold, calorie-free sparkling water instead. Add some citrus, mint or cucumber to your glass of water for an elegant taste while giving your body the hydration it craves.

Tip Four: Install A Water Filter At Home

Depending on your source, bottled water can impose a significant cost to your budget and the environment. Install a filter in your home and get all the benefits of having convenient, great tasting drinking water at a fraction of the price of disposable bottles.

Tip Five: Keep A Log

When trying to create any new habit, I find that writing it down really helps. Writing down any activity, including something simple like drinking more water, helps keep you mindful and on track.

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  1. Installing a water filter, as well as carrying a water bottle, are the two things that really helped me to start drinking more water. Having clean, tasty water makes it so much easier to drink. And, if you have a bottle of it with you wherever you go, it is hard not to drink it. I am so used to drinking water now, that now I can’t go a day without it!

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