The Benefits Of Drinking Water

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The Benefits Of Drinking Water

I can think of nothing that tastes better than a glass of ice water on a hot Summer day.  Most of us have heard about the benefits of drinking water, but what are they?

Water is crisp, clean and extremely refreshing… We all know that water is good for us, and drinking water couldn’t be easier, yet most of us have not added this task into our daily routine.

I have to admit, drinking a lot of water is not always the most convenient thing to do and, of course, we must not forget the increased visits to the restroom with added water intake. Those few downsides are heavily outweighed by water’s many benefits.

Benefits of drinking water

Benefit: Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the benefits of drinking water, and often the one reason people will increase their water intake. Water will often replace high-calorie drinks like soda and juice, and while you are not getting any additional calories from diet drinks, you are ingesting chemicals that are really not needed within your body. Water also acts as an appetite suppressant in a few different ways; first often times when we are craving food it is actually the first stages of dehydration and our body is craving water. We misjudge this craving and mistake it for hunger, when in fact we are thirsty. Secondly, water takes up space in our stomachs. If you add a large glass of water to your meals, you will feel satisfied sooner and after eating less food. Remember, water is calorie free so skip dessert and have a second glass.

Benefit: Heart Health

Another one of the benefits of drinking water is the reduction in risk of heart attack. A six-year study published in the May 1, 2002 American Journal of Epidemiology found that people who drink more than 5 glasses of water a day were 41% less likely to die from a heart attack during the study period than those who drank less than two glasses. The study got even deeper and found that those who chose to drink something other than water for the two glasses were 147% more likely to suffer a fatal heart attack.

Benefit: Headache Cure

One symptom of dehydration is headaches. When we suffer a headache it can often be from not drinking enough water. There are, of course, other causes for headaches but dehydration is a very common cause and extremely easy to remedy.

Benefit: Increased Energy

Dehydration can leave you feeling weak and lethargic. As you lose as little as 1% of your bodyweight you will begin to feel the effects of the first stage of dehydration. Skip the energy drinks and simply make sure you are hydrated. Remember, if you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Prevent this by steadily drinking water throughout the day, and increase your water intake before, during and after exercise.

Benefit: Help Decrease Cancer Risk

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, there is a statistically significant correlation between total fluid intake and the risk of bladder, colon and breast cancer. This is thought to be a result from the natural cleansing effect that water has on the body. Water naturally helps our body to flush out toxins and waste products that our body produces and accumulates.

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