Cheat Meals

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I get a lot of questions about cheat meals, are they good for you, are they bad for you, do I have to have a cheat meal?

There is no straight answer to those questions, it all depends on the type of cheat meal.

If we are looking strictly at weight loss, and not looking at health at all, then any cheat meal once a week is beneficial for metabolism spike.

But we are not just looking at weight loss, we are focused on total wellness, and that requires a different response.

Cheat meals, much like junk food, can be one done two ways; first you can eat whatever the heck you want, or option two you can eat good nutritious foods that have a higher carbohydrate, and fat content than you normally would.

We want to go with option two.

So our normal rules for healthy eating apply, we want to avoid processed sugars, we want to avoid anything fried in soybean oil, we want to avoid genetically modified foods.

So the easiest way to eat a wellness approved cheat meal is by making it at home, get some grass fed ground beef, get some non-GMO buns, some organic vegetables, organic potatoes, and make homemade cheeseburgers with all the toppings, and some oven roasted steak fries.

In that situation, you are getting all the satisfaction of going out to a burger joint, but everything that you’re eating is super healthy, it certainly is not low-calorie, but we don’t want low-calorie, this is a cheat meal we want some indulgence, but healthy indulgence.

Pair that with some good quality organic ice cream, or even better the enlightened brand ice cream made with beans and taste just as good, and call it a night.

Cheat Meal

If you do want to go out to a restaurant for your cheat meal, try to pick a place that you know uses good ingredients, something like true food kitchen in Naples, that’s a restaurant that has delicious food, most of what they have is organic, all the meat is grass fed and free range, that would be a perfect location for a cheap meal.

If you choose to go to McDonald’s or someplace like that for your cheat meal you will wake up the next day feeling hung over, because of all the toxins in the food.

But if you go to a good quality restaurant that has good quality ingredients, you’ll wake up the next day feeling great and you will get all the benefits of a cheat meal as far as raising your metabolism and giving you that satisfaction.

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