Disney’s Marathon Weekend 10K

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Disney 10K Medal

It’s Friday morning, it’s a little earlier than yesterday, Disney’s marathon weekend 10K starts at 5:30 AM. So this morning I had to wake up a little earlier than even I’m used to, my alarm clock went off at 3:30 AM.

Just like the morning before I put on my clothes grab my bag of snacks put some gel in my hair, and head out the door.

Disney's Marathon Weekend 10KIt’s another nice morning about 66° just a light breeze in the air.

Just like Thursday morning, in the front of the Polynesian resort I find the bus transportation for Disney’s marathon weekend 10K. So I hop on the bus and head down to the Epcot parking lot where the start of the race is.

Just as I thought my legs are little bit sore today. I know that I’ll be able to complete the race but without resting, tomorrow’s half marathon will be pretty difficult. So today, my game plan changes significantly.

I am going to walk the whole 6.2 miles. I’m going to try to take it easy, make sure I finish the race in the allotted time, but at the same time relax and try to rest my legs.

Today again I’m in corral D, and the starting procedure was about the same. The first group started right at 530, and my corral started about 30 minutes later.

For today’s race, just like the 5K, we start in the Epcot parking lot. After we left the starting line we headed down the road you take to get into Epcot and around the East side of the Epcot Parking lot.  From there we headed into a side entrance of the park, and right into the world showcase next to the Mexico pavilion. From there we went all around the world showcase passing by the American pavilion, and out the back entrance of Epcot, towards the boardwalk.  We made a full loop of the boardwalk, and head back into Epcot, out the front gate into the finish line.

Disney 10K Race Course Map


After finishing, I went and received my medal, grabbed a couple waters, took my snack box and went to get on a bus head back to the Polynesian.

Just like yesterday I was feeling pretty good about myself having completed another race. And even though my legs were sore I felt good about what I had done in the way I had handled myself.

Tomorrow is where my real test begins.  The longest race that I have ever run was the Star Wars Half Marathon.  Hopefully I am more prepared for tomorrow’s race than I was the last time.


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