Precor Rotary Torso

I feel like I was just doing the demonstration of the Precor Rotary Torso, but then I realized I was doing the demonstration of the Paramount oblique twist, clearly I think you should strengthen your obliques!  Both machines are very similar, and both are very important to overall core strength.

Precor Rotary Torso Machine

Primary Muscles Used

abdominal Twist Muscles Used

Rotary Torso Instructions

  • The obliques can be a difficult muscle group to isolate, this machine really helps you focus your energy on those tough to reach love handles. 
  • Adjust the machine so it is all the way to one side, you will adjust and do the other side next, but this will give you the maximum range of motion.
  1. Sit on the machine, adjust it to be in a comfortable position, put your arms over the pads, and grasp the handles with your hands.
  2. Keep your butt and legs tight to the machine.
  3. Slowly rotate your body by tightening your abdominals, try not to push with your arms.
  4. Go as far as you can in the other direction and pause, this will help with overall core stability.
  5. Slowly return to the initial position (don't let the weights speed up your movement) and do not let the weight touch the stack.
  6. Repeat.
  7. Change the setting and direction at the end of your set.
precor rotary torso Instruction

Tim's list of benefits for the Precor Rotary Torso

  • Torso rotation exercises primarily work out your obliques and core muscle groups.  
  • Torso rotation is so important with daily life and with sports.  All sports require strength in your core rotation to be great, wouldn't it make sense that it would help with daily life also?
  • By strengthening your core you are able to decrease the stress on the lower back and spine, helping prevent or eliminate back pain.
  • Studies show that torso rotation exercises can help slow or prevent the onset of scoliosis.
  • This exercise is a great beginner way to strengthen the obliques for trunk rotation, if you are thinking about taking one of our golfing programs, I highly recommend starting this exercise today, it will get a good base going so we can swing up to speed quickly.
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