K-Vest 3-D Golf Swing Analysis

K-Vest Golf Swing

Do you really want to know your golf swing?  Do you want to know what your strengths and weaknesses are in your golf swing?  Most importantly, do you want to know how to improve your golf swing?  Our K-Vest will will address all of these questions and give us the insight we need to give you the swing you’ve always wanted!

K-Motion’s K-Vest is the state of the art way to find out what you can improve to swing faster, drive the ball longer, and be more consistent.

The K-Vest uses 4 wireless sensors that strap to the clients upper back, waist, lead upper arm, and lead wrist.  K-Vest uses motion software to capture every aspect of the golfer’s swing, from set-up to impact and follow-through.

K-Motion uses six elements of the golf swing, and the software measures them in degrees of rotation, tilt, and bend.

These six elements of the swing that we test using the K-Vest are:

  1. Alignment at address
  2. Posture at address
  3. Hip and shoulder turn at top of swing
  4. Hip position at top of swing
  5. Hip movement during swing
  6. Spine movement during swing

Once the software has captured the quantitative results from your golf swing, it compares the results with an ideal range.  This ideal range was created after measuring thousands of golfer’s swings.

Tim Shevlin combines the detailed information of the K-Vest with your TPI evaluation results and your Matlacha Wellness intake evaluation.

Tim Shevlin’s golf program will be the most comprehensive and thorough program you have ever seen.

So are you ready to golf better? Call us today at 470-604-0038 and schedule your free consultation.

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