Pesticides in Produce, The Treacherous Twelve

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Treacherous Twelve

The Dirty Dozen, as it is often called, is simply a list of common produce that was tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and found to have the highest concentration of pesticides.

I would love to use the phrase “Dirty Dozen”, but alas, it has been trademarked.

So for the remainder of my posts I will call this list the Treacherous Twelve!

I have to say that I like the name that I came up with a lot better!!!

On with the show… This list is one thing that I am pretty good at following. I choose to avoid all conventional produce that show up on this list, and depending on price, I either choose organic options, or I pick something that is not on the Treacherous Twelve list.

Remember that juices of fruit found on this list should be organic as well, it amazes me how many people only buy organic apples, but grab regular juice.

So, without further adieu, I give you the Green Physique’s first addition of the Treacherous Twelve

I remember in elementary school learning that strawberries had more pesticides on them than any other fruit. Well it looks like they are back on the top of the list.

The Dirty Dozen - Strawberries

Good thing Popeye didn’t have to worry about the pesticides in spinach. Eat too much conventional spinach and you won’t be feeling mighty strong.
In 2017’s study, spinach was found to have double the amount of pesticide residue on it, by weight, than any other food tested.

Pesticides in Food

Who doesn’t love biting into a juicy nectarine in early summer? Just be careful not to choose one loaded with pesticides.
Number three on the list this year, choose the organic variety instead.

How to avoid pesticides

Apples have been at the top of the list for the past couple years. But don’t breathe easy, it doesn’t mean apples are getting better. It just means other fruits are getting worse.

Organic Fruit

Peaches are one of my favorite fruit, and it can be hard to resist stopping on the side of the road to buy some in early summer.
Just ask the people selling them about their pesticide usage. Most small farmers will be honest about what and how much they use.

Pesticides on Fruit

A few years ago it was pretty tough to find organic pears, but it is becoming easier and easier. Good thing as conventional pears are creeping up on this list.

Non GMO Fruit

Loaded with vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties, cherries can do great things for the body.
Choose organic cherries to avoid the pesticides that are causing more harm to your body.

Dirty Dozen Clean 15

Like cherries, grapes are a great snack, they aren’t messy, they are small, and very tasty.
Just be aware of the pesticides you are eating with them if you don’t choose organic.

Makes you wonder about wine, doesn’t it.

Avoiding Pesticides on Produce

One of the negative calorie food items, your body actually burns more calories digesting celery than celery contains. What a great snack food when trying to lose weight.

Pesticides on Vegetables

One of my favorite foods, I could eat sliced heirloom tomatoes all day.
Just like the peaches, if you are buying locally, ask the farmer about his practices. Or play it safe and grow your own.

Eating Safe Fruits and Vegetables

Bell Peppers
Sweet bell peppers, like the red and yellow ones, showed higher amounts of pesticides, than the bitter green ones, but I wanted to add all bell peppers into my list.
Why do the green bell peppers have less chemical residue on them?
Because they are picked sooner!
Green bell peppers are just unripened sweet bell peppers. Since they are on the plant for less time, they are exposed to less pesticides.

Which pesticides are used on vegetables

This one always surprised me. How does something underground get pesticides all over it?
Bugs live underground too, so they use pesticide that leaches down into the dirt and is absorbed by the potato.

Pesticides on Root Vegetables

I have created the image at the top of the page as a cheat sheet to save in your phone. Please save it, and when you are grocery shopping pull it out and make the best choices that you can. If you need anymore help with creating your clean shopping list or if you want a higher resolution picture of my cheat sheet, please contact me and I will give you all the help that you need.

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