Physical Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

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Mindfulness Meditation MBSR

Meditation is known worldwide as a relaxation method. Many religions practice meditation, in fact, Buddhism is founded on meditation. The effects of mediation have shown to be uplifting and are said to make people calm, and many use meditation as a way of life because of these factors. Recently, Universities have studied the effects of meditation and have proven that is very beneficial.

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety.

Meditation doesn’t just feel soothing, it actually is soothing. Meditation was proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation is all about becoming at peace with yourself, causing internal and external happiness and joy, while anxiety often starts from being upset or stress with yourself/others.

Meditation reduces health problems

Studies have shown the by simply performing a 20 mindfull meditation practice three times per week you will reduce your medical problems. Meditation helps to:

  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Reduce irritible bowel syndrome
  • lessen the problems associated with ulcerative colitis
  • Increases the success rate for smoking cessation
  • Helps with weight loss

Mindful meditation also helps your body work better with medication. 70% of people who begin a mindful meditation practice lessen the amount of medication needed within 1 month.

It also decreases your need of sleep.

People always seem to be tired, whether because they didn’t sleep much, or because they have a lot of stress. Meditation relaxes your body, causing it to feel more rested, which could help a lot of people out. When people aren’t tired, they don’t need as much sleep. Although Sleep is a very important factor in our health, we don’t need as much as we are getting.

Your ability to focus improves greatly.

Focus is a major problem today because many are distracted by their phones, computers, or tablets, which takes away from your motivation. Meditation is proven to improve your focus, attention, and ability to work. When you can focus on what you are doing, it won’t take as long to complete and it will be easy to complete.

Meditation increases mental strength and emotions.

Your mental strength and emotions all depend on what you are thinking. When you think about all the things you haven’t done but need to do, you develop stress, and that stress draws you into a frustrated state of mind. Allowing your body to have peace and relaxation makes that emotion go away, causing you to have a joyful state of mind. A joyful state of mind increases your mental strength and emotions.

Your tolerance of pain increases.

In an experiment don’t by the University of Montreal, meditation was proven to increase the ability to endure pain. The brain received the same amount of pain, but the relaxation state you are in allows your brain to actually feel less pain, resulting in tolerance for pain.

Meditation does so many things and if they were to be written out, you would be reading for hours, but the point is meditation does really benefit you. Your brain is the most affected part of the body during meditation, but that affect causes your whole body to feel at peace. Meditators are proven to be happier and less stressed compared to non-meditators, which is a very beneficial to your health and body.

If you would like to get started on a mindfulness meditation program contact the Green Physique at 239-558-4146 to book a spot in one of our classes. We hold classes Mondays at 4pm and Wednesdays at 3pm.



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