Standing Row with the Exercise Band

I am demonstrating the standing row using the exercise an exercise band at a goat farm located in Stone Mountain, GA.  I found a tree and wrapped the exercise band around it and I was ready to go.  Despite getting a little mud on my shoes, it was a great place to workout, the scenery was absolutely beautiful, and all the trees gave my muscles a little more oxygen.  If I can workout at a goat farm, you can workout anywhere.

Standing Row using exercise bands

Primary Muscles Used

Standing Row Muscles Used

Standing Row Instructions

  • Choose an exercise band or bands that have the correct resistance for your goals.
  • For the standing attach the exercise band to an anchor point about chest height.  You can use a tree, door jam, railing, eye bolt, anything that is secured properly.
  • As you step back make sure that each side is even in length, if not, the longer side will be easier and you won't work your muscles evenly, creating imbalance.
  1. Grab both handles with a neutral grip and take a few steps back away from the anchor point.
  2. Step back far enough so there is no slack in the bands.  After the slack is gone, the farther you step back, the more resistance you will add.
  3. Keeping your stomach tight, pull the handles back, pulling with your elbows, and squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  4. Pause as your shoulder blades are squeezed together.
  5. As you come forward keep your stomach tight and back straight, let your shoulders roll forward and get a good stretch in your upper back.
  6. Repeat.
Exercise Band Standing Row Demonstration

Tim's list of benefits for the Standing Row using an Exercise Band

  • By standing you are using a great number of stabilizer muscles.
  • The standing row with an exercise band is a great way to begin working on core and balance.  Since you are pulling with both arms at one time and both feet stable on the ground, it is the easiest type of functional training, and a great way to begin the process.
  • By using exercise bands the amount of resistance increases as you stretch the bands more.  This is especially beneficial with this exercise since your muscles are stronger as they get closer to the peak contraction, this means you get added resistance as your muscles get to the stronger part of the lift.
  • Since exercise bands are a rubber band, you must keep your core tight and use stability while performing the standing row or you will lose your balance.
  • This exercise is a great way to warm up the body and get it ready for a great functional training workout.
  • Exercising at a goat farm is a great way to introduce mindfulness into your workout and begin incorporating MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) into your entire day.
    • There are a lot of noises, smells, and sights at a goat farm, so it is not difficult to focus on one of those things.  If you are interested in mindfulness, and would like more info, click here.

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