Avoid Back Pain From Cell Phone Use

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Back Pain Relief

Cell phone usage is on the rise, and because of that our bodies are taking a heavy toll.

I have seen news reports that show the way we are supposed to hold a cell phone while texting, playing a game, or browsing the Internet to keep our spine in proper alignment and ergonomically correct.

While this is helpful, I don’t often see people holding the phone up in the air away from their face, instead I see people hunched over looking down at their phone, and I am to blame as well, I really don’t spend that much time on my cell phone, but when I do I am hunched over in a chair playing words with friends or whatever it might be.

So I have come up with one exercise that can completely reverse the damage caused from overuse of a cell phone.

What happens when you’re hunched over with your head down for extended periods of time is that the muscles of your chest in front shoulders tightened while the muscles in the rear dealt and rhomboids weakened. As time goes on and continued cell phone use with poor posture continues, you will develop permanent abnormalities in the spine, almost to the point where you will have a humpback.

Another problem with week rhomboids, is breathing issues. Nearly 100% of the people that I have worked with that have COPD suffer from week rhomboids. The reason is that when your shoulders roll forward due to a tight chest in week back it compresses your diaphragm and restricts breathing.

This exercise that I am going to show you can be done at home using exercise bands or at a gym or training studio using a cable machine.

Start by standing up straight with your stomach tight, head looking straightforward, shoulders down.

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Grab the handles and step back to engage tension.

Paul the handles back by squeezing your shoulder blades together. We want to make sure that were engaging the muscles of the upper back and not just the arms. So squeezing your shoulder blades together is very important,

While keeping your shoulders down return your hands to the starting position and repeat.

You can perform this exercise every day, I recommend doing at least two sets of 15 to 20 repetitions.

If you do this exercise on a regular basis you will prevent and or completely reverse ill effects associated with an overuse of your cell phone.

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