Death by Plastic Water Bottle

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Every once in a while there is a report on the news about leaving your plastic water bottles in the car and how dangerous it is. The problem with that statement, is that the damage has already been done.

Water is packaged into plastic bottles at many different locations around the world, from that point the water bottles are put into shipping containers, whether it be on a ship, train, or truck.

None of these shipping containers are refrigerated.

So in the few days to months it takes to get from source to warehouse and from warehouse to your store, that plastic water bottle has been sitting in the sun baking.

Dangers of Plastic Water Bottle

When you go to the store and buy a ice cold water bottle, that is the end of the line for that product. It has already been heated in a shipping container, for days on end.

The chemicals have already leached into your water.

Leaving your plastic water bottle in the car for a day isn’t going to matter at all. You’re already getting those chemicals, they’ve already been sitting in the heat.

Glass water bottles are the only safe water bottles to buy.

Here at the Green Physique, we only have Mountain Valley Spring water, stored in glass water bottles, and our water cooler is the same bank, a glass 5 gallon water bottle filled with Valley Spring water.

There are a few other brands that use glass water bottles, I highly recommend you choose one of those.

There is no need or you to add additional toxins into your body by buying plastic water bottles. Not only are they bad for the environment, they are killing you.

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  1. You really should not encourage folks to buy water at all. When the company’s fill those bottles plastic or glass they deplete or totally drain the aquafir that the local wells are dependent on. Please look up Lewis County Water Alliance on face book. You will see what a fight we everyday humans have to fight against water bottling companies.
    I do however appreciate your spreading the word about the toxin though. Stainless steel reusable water containers are much safer for the environment and our bodies.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I don’t feel that I am actually encouraging people to buy water, but if they do, they should buy glass. Living in Florida I am very aware of the problems that draining aquifers causes, we have sinkhole problems because of it. And while I am not sure because I have not done research on it yet (I am going to because of your comment), I would believe that sourcing at a natural spring (like Mountain Valley) would not cause as much as an issue. Alas, I don’t really like using stainless steel because I have not been able to find a single company that produces a stainless steel product made in the USA, and I do not trust companies that build their product in China. No matter how great they swear their quality control is, they moved production to China to save money, and if putting a little lead in the steel helps their bottom line, they will do it. I’ll stick to glass!
      I really do thank you for your comment, and I will be sure to report on what I find regarding springs.

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