Discussion on Mindful Meditation

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Mindful Meditation

When I first began working on my recovery from drug addiction, I found it difficult to maintain a clear focus. While I didn’t have a problem focusing on day to day things, I just wasn’t able to focus on anything directed towards me. Why was that, I wondered…? The problem was that I didn’t know myself. I was always so focused on everything else around me that I never sat still and looked inward. Wow! That was a scary thought. I was going to have to look inward, at myself, to discover who I really was.

It was this practice of looking inward that helped me understand who I truly am as a person, and my true mission in life. One of the most important tools in my self discovery was practicing mindful meditation.

I was asked to speak about mindful meditation at an event. Here is a portion of that speech.

If this sparked your interest, and you would like to learn more about mindful meditation and how it can help you in your life, please don’t hesitate, contact me directly.

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