Tomorrowland’s Positive Outlook Review

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Tomorrowland Movie

I remember when Tomorrowland was coming out in the theaters, and thinking that I loved the name, as it referenced Tomorrowland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and that it looked like a pretty cool movie. Although I did have a positive outlook on the movie, it didn’t seem like a must see, so I didn’t bother at the time, and figured I would see it eventually when it came out on cable.

Fast forward about a year, and I began noticing that it was playing on Starz, again, I noticed that it was showing, but couldn’t get around to watching it. Honestly, I wanted to see it, but it just looked okay, and I really didn’t want to waste a couple hours of my day on a movie that was just okay.

So after it had been on Starz for about a month, my girlfriend Tasha really wanted to watch Tomorrowland, so we plopped down on the couch and started the movie. For the next hour and a half, I was in complete excitement mode.

Tomorrowland starts out at the World’s Fair in 1964, where young boy is trying to win an inventor’s contest by bringing a self made jet pack.

TomorrowlandWhile at the World’s Fair he follows a girl onto the ride It’s a Small World, and ends up in a futuristic utopia, Tomorrowland.

Flash forward to the near present, a young girl (Britt Robertson) is trying to stop NASA from removing one of their launch platforms. She not only is trying to help her father keep his job at NASA, but also is passionate about discovery.

While trying to thwart NASA’s plans, she gets in a little trouble and ends up getting arrested for trespassing. Later that night she is released and there is a strange pin with her belongings. As soon as she picks up this pin she is launched into Tomorrowland, the same utopia that Frank (the boy) had made his way to.

The difference is that when she lets go of the pin, she is brought back to her normal life. She soon finds out that this pin is a advertisement of sorts, showing her that this world exists, and it is up to her to find her way.

While looking for the way to Tomorrowland, she finds now adult Frank (George Clooney), and tries to convince him to bring her to Tomorrowland.

When they arrive she finds that Tomorrowland is not as advertised. And it is up to her to save Earth as she knows it.

I don’t want to say any more to give away the movie as I am hoping that you will watch it.

So as great as the movie was, why am I reviewing it??? That’s a really good question, since I have never reviewed a movie in my life!

While watching the movie I noticed a recurring theme with Casey, she had a very positive outlook on all situations. She even mentioned “feeding the good wolf” a few times in the movie. Those of you who know me, know that I have a very similar outlook on life, sometimes even nauseously so. Sometimes I think that if I say “Awesome” one more time, people’s heads are going to explode. But hey, that’s me.

By finding and focusing on the positive in any situation allows me to easily change the focus in a healthier direction if things are going sour. And more often it allows me to enjoy a good time even more than I would have.

But I did not always have this, let’s look at the years that my addictions had control of me. When I was using drugs and drinking I got into fights, couldn’t hold down a job, a girlfriend, or anything else for that matter, and was always blaming someone else for my problems.grateful

The times that I was sober, were usually spent in treatment or jail, I could have used that time looking at the gift of sobriety, being grateful for being alive, and a chance at this life. But I didn’t, if I was in treatment, I was just looking to meet girls that were as messed up as I was, and when I was in jail I spent the time blaming the police officers for wrongfully arresting me. Nothing was ever my fault, and I was only looking for my next high.

I remember a therapist from my last visit to rehab named Ramsey. He always showed how to keep a positive outlook on everything. Even the most dire situation, he would “spin” the situation and find the positive outlook.

As I began working on my own recovery I remembered Ramsey and what he had said. So I began finding a positive outlook on situations that seemed bad. No matter how small the positive outlook side was, If I focused on it long enough it would grow.  And once I saw that positive side of the situation, it was easier to grab hold of the situation, and correct it.

I held onto this mindset, and ran with it. I keep a positive outlook in every situation!

Look at my drug addiction for example. In order for me to find, and stay in, recovery, I had to look into myself on a very deep level. By looking at myself this way, I have learned what my true calling in life is, there are no feelings hidden away that I don’t know about, I know myself intimately, and as a best friend.And while I am sorry for the pain that I caused others during my days in active addiction, I am grateful for my drug addiction, as it has led me here. I am now a man that I can be proud of.

So why am I recommending this movie to you?

So glad you asked! We (that’s you and me) can change this world. Everyday, we watch the news and listen to radio programs riddled with negative energy. Whether we recognize it or not, that energy stays in us, grows, and spreads to the next person. I’m not talking about the force here, whether you believe there is an energy field that we omit or not, doesn’t matter. I am talking about the way we interact with other people, road rage, yelling at loved ones, ignoring the homeless, gossiping with others. These are all examples of small building blocks that we are putting up on the skyscraper of hate and destruction.

If we start feeding the good wolf,Positive Outlook there is little we can’t overcome.
I challenge you to find the good in one negative situation every day. This simple act will start a landslide of happiness. And isn’t that what we all want, happiness?

I’d love to hear your results. If you find that your quality of life does improve by following this simple task, let me know! I love happy endings!!!

4 Comments on “Tomorrowland’s Positive Outlook Review”

  1. You’re awesome.
    I also get inspired from Tomorrowland, since i watch the film, i become more positive in all situation, i always look thing/anything positive, and my life become more happier than before.

  2. Welcome to the Plus Ultra family!

    I work at Kennedy Space Center. About twenty of us are running around wearing +U pins, our own little secret cabal of optimists.

    If you haven’t seen it, a fan created a “Dreamer’s Cut” which restores deleted scenes and removes the wrap-arounds so the tale is more linear. The link is:

  3. You are a great positive role model. You’d be good doing a motivational, mindful, positive attitude video.
    Good movie review, I’ll see it now.

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