Who mixes garlic and honey, and why right?

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During cold and Flu season I take a spoonful a day of my garlic and honey remedy. If I am not feeling well, I take a spoonful every 2-4 hours as needed. On a side note, it’s perfectly okay to take everyday as a natural dietary supplement. There’s sooooo many natural ways to help boost the immune system and heal … Read More

Exercise to Boost Immunity

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At home exercise Program

How to Boost Immunity with Exercise Right now, more than ever in my lifetime, boosting immunity is on most people’s list of things to do.  And as you know, I am in the business of helping people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.  It may seem obvious that I should let you know a few things to do, to reduce … Read More

5 Benefits to Hiring a Personal Trainer

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5 Benefits to Hiring a Personal Trainer Feeling intimidated, does anxiety take over with the thought of working out?  It is totally normal to have these feelings and it is hard to stay focused on your goals when you lack motivation.  This is where hiring a personal trainer to help you break through the walls and jump those hurdles comes … Read More

Masks Do Not Reduce Blood Oxygen

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Do masks lower oxygen

Ever since the great mask debate of 2020 came out I have wondered what the truth is. Do masks actually reduce blood oxygen levels? And how much do they reduce blood oxygen levels during exercise? After all, I have heard that just by wearing a mask you can reduce your blood oxygen levels by up to 20%, which would be … Read More

Increasing Immunity

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Ah yes, the Coronavirus, such an ominous sounding illness. Truth is, it’s really not as bad as the news media would like you to think. If you know me at all you probably know that I am very skeptical about everything that I hear on the news. Problem is the news is like every other big business, they just want … Read More

Burn More Calories Walking

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Walking is a great way to get cardiovascular exercise, I want to show you or ways of increasing your calorie burning capability while walking on either a treadmill or outdoors. First, increasing the speed of your walk. There are two ways to speed up your walk, one by lengthening your stride, and a second by increasing the number of steps … Read More

Cheat Meals

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I get a lot of questions about cheat meals, are they good for you, are they bad for you, do I have to have a cheat meal? There is no straight answer to those questions, it all depends on the type of cheat meal. If we are looking strictly at weight loss, and not looking at health at all, then … Read More

Death by Plastic Water Bottle

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Every once in a while there is a report on the news about leaving your plastic water bottles in the car and how dangerous it is. The problem with that statement, is that the damage has already been done. Water is packaged into plastic bottles at many different locations around the world, from that point the water bottles are put … Read More

The Keto Diet Is Not A Good Choice, Unless You Are An Eskimo

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the keto diet is essentially a high-fat, medium protein, extremely low carbohydrate diet. The keto diet has gained popularity in the past few years because of its weight loss potential. The reason people drop weight very quickly while on the keto diet is because the body has to metabolize fats and proteins and transform them into glucose for the body … Read More

Choosing Healthy Junk Food

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Yes there is a right and wrong way to pick junk food. I will show you how to choose healthy junk food options. I like food as much as the next guy, as a matter of fact I probably like food more than most and consider myself a bit of a foodie. But even when I’m eating junk food, I … Read More